Fall Fun!

Earlier this Fall we had our friend Kathy from http://www.kathydaviesphotography.com/ shoot some family photos of us.  We were armed with a wagon, a ladder, several blankets, changes of clothes, and PLENTY of Fruit by the Foot with hopes of getting some great images.   Per usual Kathy captured some of the best images ever and I am so thankful for her!


Finding coordinating outfits was quite the task, but I am SO happy with it all came together!  Of course I needed to find a matching hoodie for the doodle! He wears a little boy size 10!


With all the craziness of our lives these days, I am so glad to have these images of our family.


Outfits: Mike: Shirt/Mustard Jeans (Kohl’s), Me: Dress (Old Navy) Boots (Kohl’s), Ari: Both Shirts (Target) Jeans (Old Navy) Shoes (Sperrys), Giada: Mustard Dress (Next) Star Dress/Cardigan (Target) Both Headbands (MyLilSweetieBoutique on etsy)

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